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Monitor Energy 

Control Device

RELM Services in Texas offers real-time web based monitoring and remote access of single and three phase air conditioning systems for residential and commercial projects.

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Set schedules remotely control|||| 

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Energy Monitoring to
visually see where your
power is being used
and at what time of day.


Set Schedules &
remotely control your
electrical devices,
appliances & thermostat.


Save Money,
Save Energy,
Help the environment.


Information is
available from any web
browser, smartphone
or tablet.

You can: 

  • Check Information Available on Any Web Browser, Smartphone or Tablet
  • Monitor Energy to See Where Your Power is Being Used and at What Time of Day
  • Save Money and Energy while Protecting the Environment
  • Set Schedules and Remotely Control Your Electrical Devices, Appliances and Thermostat

Manage Alternative Energy Sources

RELM Services provides reliable, proven energy management solutions for solar panel, wind turbine, and geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Our Renewable Energy Solution is a Complete System that Offers:

  • An Accurate Energy Monitoring Device
  • Anytime / Anywhere Access
  • Download Reports in kWh or Dollars
  • Information to Know When Your Renewable Energy System is due for Maintenance
  • Past and Predicted Energy Usage by Day, Week or Month
  • Performance Management
  • Real-Time Energy Production and Usage Information
  • Your Own Web Portal
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Geothermal Heating / Cooling Solutions


  • Energy Consumed by Heat Pump
  • Line Temperature IN and OUT
  • Notifications if Back-Up Heat is Being Used


  • Accurate Information to Troubleshoot Your Systems Performance
Systems performance trouble shoot information||||

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