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Say “Yes” to Green

With over 30 years of experience in the heating and cooling industry, RELM Services in Texas is more than just an expert when it comes to air conditioning and heat pump technology. "Old Fashioned Workmanship with Today's GREEN Technology!" as we say.

Well folks, the combination of today's technology, federal tax rebates and high oil and propane prices has made it the perfect time to Go Geothermal! RELM Services sells, designs, and installs high efficiency heating, cooling, and geothermal air systems in all of Texas including Harris County, Possum Kingdom, Palo Pinto County and Dallas-Fort Worth area.

While relatively new to many homeowners, geothermal heat pump systems have been in use in the United States for decades and millions of geothermal systems have been installed in residential and commercial applications across the globe. The geothermal systems we install are tried and true technology that is widely considered the most energy efficient way to heat and air condition a building. These ultra-efficient “GREENheating and air conditioning systems not only save energy and reduce carbon emissions – they also increase comfort.

In fact, over 98% of homeowners who convert to a geothermal system report a greater level of comfort while enjoying reductions in heating and cooling costs of up to 60-70%!

Would you like to make your existing commercial or residential air conditioning system 16 to 20% more efficient? Contact us today!

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